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A  I  R  C  R  A  F  T

Business Jets, VVIP & Head of State aircraft are the environments we are most familiar with because it's where we were born. Designing and fabricating custom accessories that will ultimately be enjoyed at 50,000 feet is our studio's largest area of practice. The unique challenges within such environs have afforded us a knowledge and level of skill that is unsurpassed in any other area of practice.


RRL works with the project's retained Interior Designer, the Aircraft Completion Center or, of course, directly with the end user. In each case, we work from the beginning of the project in such a way that allows your special art pieces, custom accessories, lamps and so forth to be integrated concurrent with design development, thereby affording a continuity that blends seamlessly and meeting all the required regulatory certifications.

Welcome to Richard Roseman Luxury, where your imagination soars above the clouds. 

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E L E G A N T L Y   C R A F T E D   C U S T O M   A M E N I T I E S

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