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Richard Roseman Luxury is proud to announce AIRBORNE...


...a brand new line of china especially designed for VVIP and high-end business jet owners. For the first time ever by any manufacturer, we have created a line of fine bone china with inset custom personalized medallions. Each medallion is jeweler engraved out from AC grade aluminum and double plated in Platinum. It represents the ultimate in personalization and goes way beyond that of a fired on decal. It makes a huge statement about the level of personalization you want for your aircraft.

Whether it be your family crest, your AC identifier or a custom designed adaptation of your initials, it can be recreated in platinum and affixed on each piece of china or cups to make the maximum impression on your guests when they are served aboard your aircraft or yacht.

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For more information, contact:

E L E G A N T L Y   C R A F T E D   C U S T O M   A M E N I T I E S

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