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Small or grand, all of mankind's creations began with a sketch...

                                                                      ~ Anonymous Artist

The Candy Shop

Style Frames​

We're not comparing ourselves to the Masters, mind you,


but we do indeed begin every project with a series of sketches; each aimed at refining the design. For both the aesthetics and functionality of the environment, sketches remain an indispensable first step in the evolution of almost all projects.

There is no standard of design brief given by our customers. We have received everything from a few words over the phone, a crude thumbnail sketch on a cocktail napkin - to a full CAD set of drawings and specs. We work with the idea in whatever shape it originates.

We work with completion centers, yacht builders, architects, designers and of course the end user. From concept to final fabrication and delivery, it all starts with design - our driving passion!

E L E G A N T L Y   C R A F T E D   C U S T O M   A M E N I T I E S

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