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Luxury Cabin Accessories and Lifestyle Essentials

The Who, the What, the Why

and the How

Every business has a story about how it began - and many of them are interesting. We're unveiling our history in simple Who, What, Why and How terms that get to the point and let you know where we came from, how we got here and the passions that drive our work.  We hope you'll enjoy.

Richard Roseman Luxury was founded in 2007 as a direct outgrowth of RRAD (Richard Roseman Airborne Design). Mr. Roseman has practiced in the private aviation and yacht design fields for more than 20 years and is also founding partner of Completion Registry and co-founder of JetModa Magazine.


"Creating beauty has been my passion from boyhood.

I believe Luxury is an effect of attention to our surroundings. It's been my calling to help people create environments that speak luxury to the senses. My fortune has been working and living as a practicing designer" 

Today Richard Roseman lives and works in Santa Fe,New Mexico

Aesthetics that raise one's mood and provide a sense of well being can be experienced either in nature or in the environments we create as humans. The latter endeavor can be an art form and those of us lucky enough to practice this art

form, must surely be among the luckiest people.

It is a gift like no other and a passion that is inexhaustible. 



~  Richard Roseman




Richard Roseman Luxury is a boutique design and fabrication studio exclusively engaged in the business of creating custom or very low edition luxury amenities for a limited market of highly-successful, discriminating individuals around the word. RRL predominately specializes in custom one-off amenities for aircraft and yachts. RRL is dedicated to the highest quality custom luxury goods and is retained by clients who seek interior finishings and art pieces that will never be seen in the world's retail markets. 

In 2018 Richard Roseman Luxury will add a line of high-end personal luxury items, as well. Look for exclusive chronographs, sunglasses and an array of personal luxury goods.


The "why" is perhaps the easiest of all to explain. It's because being engaged in the business of producing completely one-off pieces, things that have never existed before, is like placing a new star in the heavens with your name on it. The masses may never know, but we will and that's more than enough.


We utilize the tools, craftsmanship and applied talents we have acquired over the years. And when that fails to accomplish our goals or meet our customer's requirement, we engineer new techniques and tools that DO yield the desired results. To date, we have not found a requirement that got the better of us. Have there been extreme (even insane) challenges? Yes and there will be others. But for us, the HOW is our ingenuity and the tenacity to push past all obstacles.

E L E G A N T L Y   C R A F T E D   C U S T O M   A M E N I T I E S

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